Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Now that I think of it, I'm really going to miss everything in here.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hello After A Long Time

So ano na?

Hmm. As much as I want to write everything and preserve every memory in this blog, I can't. I just can't because of reasons.

For my come back post, I honestly do not know what to write. My blog-ish spiritted self has not come back yet...entirely. So for the mean time, let's do a little catch up and let's play random question and answer.

By the way, Blooms, congratulations on your tenth year! Daebak!

So let's start.

So, truth is, I've been meaning to have a major come back post way way months or probably years ago, however I just couldn't bring myself to doing it. Or I just couldn't finish it. Now that my Baby Ash's 1st birthday is approaching, I guess it's time to make serious effort to my come back posts.

So for starters, I had my first ultimate hiatus when I got so heartbroken because my boyfriend (in the past) broke up with me. Yeah. Via Facebook. Can you imagine what I've been through to survive? It sickened me to create new posts because he lived in this blog. Blogging made me sad. Blogging only reminded me of him. So and so. I got uninspired so I stopped blogging. But I tend to visit it once in a blue moon.

When I got my life back as well as I fell in love again, I got so busy. Literally busy that I couldn't get to prioritize my blog that I love dearly. I got a lot of work to do. My schedule was so hectic. The free hours left for me were dedicated to resting...or else I might get sick again. The other free hours were spent bathing in love with my long distance lover.

When I stopped working and chose to enjoy dear life with my lover, we went kinda serious and a lot of things happened. We got adventures and places travelled, local and out of town. I got busy with my love life! Haha! Super busy! I got married. Wew. Can you imagine? I got a baby! I got a business! I got Christening! And many more. It's like there's a major happening every month. And being a mom (especially that I'm new at this) gave me a more busy schedule than before. What I mean is...not busy as in I got appointments, but busy as in I have to go take care of a little human being. It ain't easy. I'm just really thankful everybody around me has been so supportive with my journey.

Wew. The question seemed so broad. I don't know how to start my answer. Well, I wanna say I'm great. I feel great. Today I'm happy. My baby (who is the most important thing in the world right now) is healthy and joyful, hence I feel perfectly fine...when it comes to that.

So, behind the perfectly fine generic answer. I also deal with day to day promlems like how I'm still not used to look at my ever changed body. It literally changed. Not the so obvious kind anyway like from skinny to fatty...not that kind. It's just that I can't ignore the changes like...the stretch marks in my belly, my eye bags grew worse because of lack of sleep, my bones ache sometimes probablt because my baby sucked a lot of my calcium, my fingers grew back the allergies, my legs were like first year college again...the chicken legs, and the list goes on. I don't know what else to say. Haha! There's a lot.

Yes, of course. I'm so glad I did. I admit I had a hard time. I thought it was impossible to get over him. I really believed we had an epic love story...I still believe though. Although it ended in a unfairytale-like, I'm still hands down to everything we've been through. All the lessons and memories we had will of course be a part of my past. It's just the way it is and it's just the way it will be.

Ha! You have no idea! I love him. I really love him. It's sometimes feels a little weird thinking how I got to the point of loving him. It was so unlike me...but then, nothing is indeed impossible. I love him because I love him. I don't even understand it sometimes. It seemed unexpected. I guess I just find itin refreshing to discover something new when I thought different. Ha! I guess I'm already blabbing. My love life deserves another Q and A portion.

To tell you the truth, I feel mixed emotions about this. There's no more fulfilling job than being a mother. It feels surreal thinking about someone who needs you as you and the feeling that you're all that she needs. Whoah. I feel like crying now. Ugh.

But of course, there are difficult parts. There are also moments that I don't like. There are moments such as I feel so sleepy due to lack of sleep but she's all energetic and ready to play. I hate moments when I miss my husband because he had to be at Japan for work and we can't be with him for the moment because there's a problem with Ashti's birth cert. Haaaay. The are also times when she gets messy with her poop! Ha! I don't like such moments.

Of course I intend to work again. However, there are really times when you have to choose what's more important and do it. Sacrifice is inevitable. But of course we do it for better intentions that's why it is called sacrifice. It sometimes bugs me thinking about how my salary does not even make 20% of his. Ugh! It's actually one of the reasons why he confidently orders me not to work and just take care of the baby. He does not want Ash to experience what he had. Another thing is his pride...wew. He does not want me to have other boss than him. Haha! Haaaay guys really...

Well, stay at home moms have some perks, too. I get to do what I've always wanted to do--write and make books. I'm just very thankful for the moment, altho it has some downside, I can't just be ungrateful for the opportunities it gave me. Now, I'm writing a book. Whoah. I know I know. But I don't want to get ahead of myself so I still won't share further details. Wew.

Haha! Things had been different. Happiness for me means being able to sleep for a very long period of time without getting disturbed: being able to go out of the house for a very long time and stroll for a while, doing groceries and picking food items that I love to eat, and thr list goes on. But my favorite happy pill is seeing Ashti smiling and oh so happy. It somehow makes you forget the problems. Whoah. I sound like a mature person. Lol. I sound so motherly. Haha! But seriously, I've learned to appreciate a lot of things now that I used to take for granted then. I learned to value life more.

Well, I really can't say. My life is full of surprises right now...or more like mystery. All I know is that I put Ashti's first birthday party in my priority. I had to make it memorable. I'm honestly having a hard time with the preparation because my husband is in Japan. Pfft. But all love and support from him is way way felt. So good luck to me. Let's see how our days goes as I planned on reviving this blog.


Ten questions aren't bad. I guess that's all for now.

So long!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sohara Tweets: Worth The Game

So I guess it's very obvious who I've been meaning with this post. He had a very long list of ex-lovers but got serious with a very few and I guess experienced cheating on everyone. So during the first months of our relationship last year, it was really a question of, "Is he worth the game that I'm kinda willing to play..." He pretty reminded me of Barney of How I Met Your Mother series (my all time favorite)

I on the other hand got no long list of ex-lovers. Well, I may have a list and may have plan on writing my own version of How I met Your Father but it's not that long to be proud of. Plus, I only had 2 ex-boyfriends...for real. The other ranges from stalker to almost there.

So now that we're married and we're having a baby on the way, I guess it's fair to say, "He's worth the game."

The game that turned into a wonderful new journey.

Who knew...

Sohara Tweets: Missing Someone

Well, it's not really one of my New Year's Resolution but I noticed that it's really happening. I've been using Twitter more often than usual as 2016 started. I may not notice it at first but it seemed to be useful. I had kept track of my activities and feelings because I tweet a lot. So, thank you. And I guess, it's fair to look back...

Here are some notable tweets for the two days of the first ten days of the year.

It's kinda sad and at the same time funny thinking it's obvious that I miss my husband so much...with those cheezy too-girly tweets I've been tweeting. Yet it's great to somehow speak your heart out loud without caring if someone will judge you unlike blabbing in Facebook. It seems like Twitter is judgment-free for normal individuals like me.

And I also notice some things like blabbing about missing the morning talks because I can not wake up early just like the old days, now (that it's the third month of the year), we've found a way to fix that. And it's way better.

Those times, I was still not super used to feeling my baby move inside my tummy...and now, I am. I'm even worried if she's suddenly behave.

I also watched a crazy movie which is dedicated for girls...you should watch it sometimes. Title: Best Night Ever!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Akihara 2015 Ritrato

Mga non-sense pati na may sense na mga ritrato naming dalawa.
Sa totoo lang, hindi naman talaga ako fan ng pagta-Tagalog eh, pero na-inspire talaga ako ng husto kay Chito at kay Neri na mag-Tagalog sa mga posts tungkol sa usaping pag-ibig.

Hindi naka-chronoligical order ang mga ritrato namin. Pagnakita ko lang, ilalagay ko. Yung totoo niyan, hindi din naman kasi ganun karami ang mga ito kasi hindi pa din naman kami ganun katagal.

Wala lang. Gusto ko lang yung mga alaala na dala ng mga simpleng ritrato.

November 2015. Unang Araw Bilang Mrs. Oro

Nasa resort nila kami at naligo kami sa malalim na parte ng dagat na kelangan pang sumakay ng bangka. Yung nakakainis lang eh andaming nangangagat talaga habang nasa ilalim ka ng tubig. Ang pangit tuloy ng mga underwater shots namin. 

November 2015. Ang totoong macho

Oo tama ka, asawa ko nga yan. Inaakyat niya ang puno ng niyog kasi nga sarap na sarap ako sa niyog ng mga panahon na yan.

Bravo asawa ko! Hindi lahat ng lalake kayang gawin yan.

Mas masarap ang buko na pinaghirapan niya.