Sunday, February 17, 2013

The ̶B̶u̶s̶y̶ Fun Week Photo Story

 As you can remember, my boyfriend gave me a not-so-typical gift,
a cellphone, specifically Cherry Mobile Flare. Isn't he sweet? 

We watched the movie "Hansel & Gretel, Witch Hunters".
The movie was gore, just the way I like it. It's just funny to think
that witches in the movies are into technology, too. So cool!
I even want to possess one of their amazing brooms.

The pre-OJT meeting the following day.
Do we look real? :)
I can't deny my excitement for our OJT this summer, brand new experiences I can say.
Currently, we're like facing a job hunt as to where shall we conduct our OJT.
Really feels like real. Yet, I'm nervous for the interviews. Wish me luck!

Goofing with Precy inside the Auditorium during the meeting...
just before our Dean ordered everyone to shut down every phones.

University Week Follows...

Malling on the first day...
My friends and I saw this as we had lunch at KCC Mall and poof! ~ another wholesome Valentine souvenir for the week.

With my behbeh friend, Precy..

And my beautiful boyfriend wearing my hand-made silly crown for the parade...

 Random snaps during the preparation of the Parade...

 My classmates under the sun...

My boyfriend and I... 
and we looked like fools with those silly home-made masks which looked like crowns...

I really like the blueness of the the sky...

The Opening Ceremony with each college surrounding the center field...

My Precy friend went debating and my currently favorite debater, Michael speaking..

Precy's turso with my legs...
Looks so wrong..HAHA! We were actually shooting clips to be included in the JPIA Film Fest. And this is the craziest video I've done so far. Waaa. I'm excited to share...

Colorful backdrop for this year's University Week...

Mom prepared something for me from miles away...
How I want to fly to Saudi and eat them with Mom... :) Happy nineteenth birthday to me!

Facebook friends greetings.
I know this sounds not so good but I really had a hard time 'thanking' all of them so I just made a uniform 'thank you' lines then copied and pasted to some of my not-so-close friends. HAHA. 

And this is something I prepared for him for the Valentines Day...Yes, it's a box. I put a little note and the main gift which is the memory card containing our old videos together way back when we were still on our Trial Version... :)


First time to have Lunch at Karate Kid, SM City with Precy...

Kulitan with my instant college cousins...The Cosplayers

Filtered Photos from my New Cellphone...

You're not yet tired, are you?

Just before the parade...

My friend won Champion for the Marista Super Star...Im so proud of you Arej!

Taken during my 19th birthday at St. Michael Church for this birthday's candle lighting...
and excited for a date together with my man...

First time to be with him at Aunt Ludi's...

And lovely...

And he got me something for Valentines...

I like them a lot...

Student Code 3-3-044, Shahara Rosco
NDEA Exams right after Universoty Week and I haven't studied...but I tried...haha

Some desserts for effective studying = FAIL. By the way, Choco Ice Cream Glaze is so yummy!

And I just watched The Vampire Diaries S4 Epi 13 instead of stuyding for the exam the following day. Oh bless my score!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Sweet Boyfriend

Opening of the surprise...
Hope you enjoy this Video made by an App "Magisto" with Artificial Intelligence.

Exams are finally over that means time for us to have some fun even just a little. 

Now it's a real coincidence that the final day of exam happened to be our  5th monthsary date, too.  So after the exams,  I went home and changed clothes and prepared for our date. Then something came up.  I felt like I'm running out of pants.  I know it sounds untrue and it really was.  I just wanted something new that very time.

So I opened my closet and checked for the "I'm-not-using-anymore " section.  There I saw an old white pants which I remember wearing way back early high school.  I really like that pants.  It's an original DKNY pants from Saudi Arabia, from my mom. The reason why I stopped wearing it is because of the fact that there's a tattered part on one of its pockets.

I looked around.  I saw my pink scissors,  grabbed it and transform my pants into shorts with folded parts on both ends of its legs which looked typically the same like those normal shorts that can be bought in the malls.

There,  I'm  ready to go with my new shorts just right above my knees.

Then we met at our favorite mall.  I didn't tell him my exact location and the fact that I already saw him standing.  I was actually planning on surprising him from behind. So took a long cut~just enough for him not to notice me.

Silently,  I tiptoed towards  him. He was using his cellphone at the moment and I was wishing that he should not throw it in case he'll really get surprised.

Then, I instantly covered his eyes with my hands. And, he held them.  He turned around and our eyes met.  Gosh!  I can't believe I miss him.

Then,  greetings followed. I didn't notice that he actually brought something.  And it's inside a blue huge paper bag with glittery butterflies design.  It looked cute and inviting.  I assumed it was for me.  Who else?  Right? 

And I asked him what the bag was for.  Then, he said it's a gift for me. My heart was dancing with joy. I stared at the bag.  On my mind was it's too big for a month gift.

Then he revealed that it's actually an early birthday gift and a Valentine gift,  too. Or we can include this month's gift as well. I immediately said thank you. Who would expect such thing?

He asked me to open it.  I actually wanted to open it at home but he insisted on opening it that very moment.  So I did.

I opened the bag.  I saw I Cherry Mobile bag inside and a Cherry a box too.  A cellphone immediately entered my mind. Then I shook my head.  How stupid of me to think it was a cellphone.  Why would he give of such thing. I immediately dismissed the thought. Then, I remember him mentioning that his brother got a new cellphone.  There,  I said,  "Oh,  this must be his brother's cellphone case ". Then I really had a hard time opening it because of the magic tape on each of the four sides of the box.

He asked me  to be careful in opening the box. I asked what it was.  I even joked about receiving another digital watch for the third time. And we laughed.  During my last birthday,  he gave me a Pink digital watch and last Christmas he also gave me another digital watch only Apple Green in color and a much smaller one.

Finally,  I was able to open the  box already.  I was shocked when I saw that it's actually the cellphone that I was planning to buy.  And he bought it for me instead. How cool is that?

I told him that he's making me spoiled by doing things like this.  He said he wants me to get spoiled. 
My heart was filled with gratitude and love.  I feel so special.  

All I can say is "Thank you so much..". It's really a cool gift.

Happy nineteenth birthday to me!

Ikki and Sasha at Robinsons Cinema 4 | Hansel and Gretel, the Witch Hunters

Trixon's pa-cute face...

An early Birthday and a Valentine Gift from my boyfriend...
Thank you!

Mom also bought a birthday cake for me at Saudi and sent me a picture...
I really wanted to have a bite...
If only she can send me the cake from miles away...
If only...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm Back!

Shall I say, Welcome back to me!.

It's really been a long time since I last had an update. And this goes with reason, my cameras were broken~my Nikon S400 and my Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot W995. So, I spent the last weeks with the least documentation of my life's happening. It does feel weird since I was very used to bring cameras every time, everywhere and they're gone.

So, how was I during those no-camera days? :)

First time (after a very looong time) to attend a school event without bringing any camera. The JPIA Day 2013, held last January 12 ~ I really felt a little sad because I couldn't take pictures and capture memories that day.

However, some boy scout friends managed to do it for me...

I couldn't not laugh at the fun parlor games. Everyone was competitive~eyes on the prize. Enthusiasm can really be seen from their faces. And, I happened to be one of the Team Leaders of Green Team.

There are the Group Skipping Rope, Tug of War, Group Sack Race, and the funniest Modified Trip to Jerusalem.

And I'm very proud to announce that the Green Team got the Gold Cup for Championship.

JPIA DAY 2013 | NDDU Covered Area

1.) JPIA DAY 2013 Fun Parlor Games


2.) Fun snaps together with my Accountancy Family...

After the JPIA Day, Ikki and I had an unexpected date. We watched a movie entitled "One More Try" starring Angel Locsin and Angelica Panganiban. And the movie was a real drama. Watching it breaks my heart. Aigoo :(

After the dramatic scenes, time to the food scene. We had dinner at Sunset Bistro, Robinson.

3.) Couple pictures during dinner at Sunset Bistro, Robinsons

4.) And I really have fun making faces out of my meal left overs. 
Plus it's my first time to try their so-called Oreo Train.

We also turned busy because of the upcoming JPIA Night 2012 with Las Vegas Casino as our theme for the night. And I bumped into this dress and I find it cute, but I'm not sure if buying it would  be the best decision. 
5.) Dress fitting at Robinsons for JPIA Nite. What d'yah think?

I didn't think that a Royal blue dress would reveal my color more.

6.) My first ever sewing project...

I don't know how to call that exactly but what's sure is that it's supposed to be used for foot wears.
However, the clothes I chose weren't fit for my plan after I tried it.
now, I already had an idea of how I can improve it. Wish me luck for my next project! :)

7.) Virtually together on a single bed...lolx

My boyfriend and I really love midnight video calling and we both lie on our beds looking at each other, thinking we were just  on each other's side talking face to face. XD

8.) An early package for my early 19th birthday gift from Mom.
Woot. I just feel special that the box was named after me. Waaa.

9.) A pair of Red Tag Shoes and a box filled with my favorite chocolates...
And the shoes look more girly than my personality. Ngeks!

10.) Nokia C5 and a black Samsung Digicam with front LCD DV100. 

11.) First pictures of Samsung DV100 with my brother.

12.) Inside the NDDU Campus clinic after almost fainting  after lunch due to dysmenorrhea.
I was absent because of that. Huhu