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Lissie and the White Cat [Excerpt from hoʻomanaʻo]

"Memories are precious. For it is the only thing that is actually ours."


"It is a beautiful feeling
when your soul speaks
and someone listens.

You feel a kind of high
when your heart melts
and your stomach tightens.

You then think it's trouble
for it's brand new
and your logic weakens.

You pause and then wonder
'wait, what now'
'cuz such thing never happens."


The Night The White Cat Walked Her Home

She remembers how the butterflies danced in her belly thinking about that night. She's surprised she's capable of that kind of emotion.

She knew deep in her heart that there's something with the White Cat's Eyes that she couldn't explain the moment she saw them. Slowly, she learned she's right. There's magic in those eyes.

In that moment of hopelessness, the white cat gave her warmth and safety. She didn't expect any of it. She knew the cat is magical but she never thought it's that kind of magical.

The cat tu…

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